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She was all he ever wanted and nothing he could ever have.

Lady Hazel, the only daughter of the Duchess of Deighton is about to finish her studies in Bath. Her mother has breaking news for her. Lord Edgar, her best friend's son is back from his voyages and, as the heir of the Earl's title, needs a bride to start a family. Lord Edgar is the older brother of Kendrick, Hazel's dear childhood friend. The Duchess and the Countess, Edgar's mother have agreed that Lady Hazel and Lord Edgar would be the perfect match!

And it seems that they were right. Edgar sends letters to Hazel to get to know her. His letters reveal the personality of a sensitive, intellectual, and kind young man with a talent for poetry. Hazel gradually falls for her future husband... Until she meets him. Edgar is so different, nothing like the writer of those letters...

Lord Edgar doesn't feel comfortable either with writing letters or with the whole marriage thing. He knows that being the heir means that he has to find a bride, but love is not in his mind yet. He wants to travel the world. On the other hand, Edgar's youngest brother, Kendrick is a sensitive soul, a poet himself, who dreams of a loving marriage. He also knows better Hazel, as they have been good friends through their childhood. 

Kendrick is asked by his brother to write those letters to Hazel, signing with Edgar's name.  Kendrick cannot help his brother. He exchanges letters with Hazel, pretending to be Edgar. Through these letters, Kendrick falls in love with his charming and smart childhood friend and his heart fills with regret. He knows that soon Lady Hazel will be his brother's bride and his love must remain unspoken. But what if she finds out that he was the one writing the letters? Will love thrive or lies will ruin everything?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Lord Behind the Letters”!

Buy “The Lord Behind the Letters” and unlock the exciting story of Edgar and Hazel today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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