Running from the darkness of their past to a future enlightened by love!

The Arranged Courtship

Lady Lauren Evans, daughter of the Duke of Edinburgh, couldn't care less about marriages and courtship. But her father’s gambling makes her family desperate to marry her off to a rich husband, even if she is not at all prepared for it...

When she meets that cheeky Duke of Buckingham who proposes to start some fake courtship so that both can get rid of the insane pressure of their families to marry, she heartily agrees.

But what happens when fake feelings turn into true love?

The Secret of a Lady’s Past

Honora Murray is a hard-working landowner’s daughter. Threatened by a loanshark, Honora and her sister go on the run. Desperate for supplies, they break into a kitchen to get some food. There Honora meets Giles Palmer, who is haunted by his time in the war and also needs to find a wife someday but worries about reemerging in society.  

Will they be able to outrun the darkness of their past? 

The Double Identity of a Bewitching Lady

Diana Brisbane and her twin sister, Debora, were inseparable. But it all changed after Debora acted without thinking and got Diana into trouble.  

Philip Stanley's mother was planning a wedding for him, but he had second thoughts about it because he wants to find a woman he can have a meaningful conversation. When his younger sister just got married, he met Diana at the ball that night, but he felt like something was strange with her. Seeing her out without a chaperone was odd, though she said she was returning home.

Two weeks pass and Philip starts getting more confused with Diana. He’s falling for her, but he realizes it’s time to sort the problem once and for all before someone gets hurt.

What is really happening with Diana?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Trapped Ladies”! 

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