Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn't mind!

Walking with a Baron

The rumors Clarissa Ramsey, the daughter of a wealthy businessman heard about Owen Harvey, the Baron of Dixon made her feel awful about how society would think of someone who had an illness that made him slowly lose his vision from one eye.

But when Owen was sure that he found the right person, his mother had other plans for him with a lady who was titled, in comparison with Clarissa.

How will Owen find a way to change his mother’s mind and be with the only woman who could understand him?

A Lady for the Widowed Marquess

Bryan Stanley, the Marquess of Dorset, suffers from the loss of both his wife and his sister. To his side will be his sister’s best friend, Lady Catherine Brooks, the daughter of the Duke of Stanton.

They knew each other before but briefly. Now he is sure that he wants to be with her and decides to ask her parents for their courtship. But they don’t want to marry their young daughter to a widowed man with two children.

He is devastated but determined to convince them that their love is strong.

An Earl's Heart taken by Storm

Lily Dryden wants to somehow relieve her family, after her father's business has gone bankrupt due to poor investment and gambling, so she gets a job as a companion to a Viscountess. A terrible storm takes place, becoming the reason for her to meet Lord Andrew Albrecht and fall in love with him.

While Lily becomes more and more likable by her aunt and less liked by her cousin, Lord Edmonstone. After his mother asks Lily and Lord Albrecht to put some logic in him, he fears his days of fun and gambling are soon going to be over soon and he will try everything in order to separate Lily and Andrew so that he can continue manipulating his mother.

Will Lily and Andrew manage to be together despite her cousin's plans to keep them apart for his own benefit?

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Lady's Secret Love”!

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